Posted ToRWER Blog 07/29/2018

Me:  Tariffs are attempts to protect national economies that have been used repeatedly by us and others for well over 100 years. They are terminally orthodox old paradigm thinking that hamstring the economic virtues of thrift and competition. With the new paradigm policies of a universal dividend and a high percentage discount/rebate at the point of sale and final retail sale integrating price deflation into profit making systems the national economy would no longer need such old paradigm measures and could prosper like never before on only domestic demand. Conservative and libertarian economists need to drop the fallacy of general equilibrium and liberals need to stop using euphemisms like disequilibrium to describe the economy when the bald truth is the economy is actually most accurately described as financially raped and smothered chaos aided and abetted by the additional collusion of corporations with global reach. The longer we ride our favorite hobby horse theories and euphemisms without accomplishing the rejuvenating integration of the truths in opposing perspectives that is a new paradigm the more likely we will unconsciously be doing the disintegrative bidding of dunces and dupes like Trump who believe in “Fourth Turnings” which is actually the all too familiar historical inability to consciously create the integrative thirdness greater oneness of paradigm change.

Socialism even of the democratic variety: A flawed theory and not the basis for the new paradigm, but that presently in most instances is a better system to live in if you are a human being than finance capitalism.

JB:  Craig, I guess we agree that capitalism has shown too little regard for the non-winners in the economic game of life. So, logically, what is the flaw in socialism which eliminates it from our consideration? And what then is left the peoples of the world of all religions & cultures?

Me:  James, What’s left to us is the genuine third way which rather than being a mere reaction is an integrated/integrative process AKA paradigm change. And that is the flaw in socialism as well. It is a reaction, a mere reform, it is just as elitist as capitalism….and ultimately just as unworkable so long as we do not deal with the current monetary paradigm. Most of the democratic socialist countries are feeling the pinch the same as the capitalist economies are, and would be even worse if they did not have a commodity or a domineering strategy to aid their economies. Germany being probably the best run DS economy in the world still relies upon being an export platform for its stability.

Finance has become dominating theft. Re-distributive taxation has become soporific and hypnotically manipulative theft. Monetary Gifting insightfully and intelligently implemented is the sword that cuts the Gordian Knot that enables the thirdness greater oneness of the particles of truth in capitalism and socialism.

RL:  Socialism has never been understood by Americans. We were brained washed. While an undergraduate, I read Koestler’s Darkness at Noon, in which he mentioned the “fisheyed stare” that people encountered in communist countries, behind which people hid their belief and feelings from the ever intrusive state. I encountered it in the border agents of the DDR, the first time I drove to Berlin. I expected to find it in my wife and her family whenI came to Poland to marry her in 1991. But I FOUND NO FISHEYED STARE in Poland. I asked Vera about it, she just laughed. You find that in Russia and East Germany, but not in Poland. It seems that there were as many varieties of Communism as there were (are) varieties of capitalism, because of the different cultural heritages of “communist” countries. A lot of people in Poland have good memories of “socialism’ (no unemployment, all children accommodated in summer camps, etc.), although they do not yearn for the good old days. For the average person there is a much more realistic evaluation of what has been won or lost, than among American intellectuals.

Me:  Robert. I completely agree as well, but the tell is they have no desire to go back to it. My wife is from Romania and while she disdains the domineering police state she lived under for over 30 years of her life she recognizes that there were beneficial aspects to it as well. But what if we didn’t have to have all of the palliative monetary trade offs and justified economic vices to have the benefits of socialism?

Finance capitalism and communism are the dominating monetary flip sides of the same paradigmatic coin and socialism is the caught up in ever lasting contention reform that cannot accomplish paradigm change. America is lost and headed for a similar disintegrative downgrade to what the USSR and the Warsaw Pact went through in the 80’s and 90’s unless it perceives the new paradigm and shows the world’s peoples and economies that direct and reciprocal distribution will free them.

JB:  Craig, this concern for finance comes as various firms want to have us use our smart phones instead of credit cards to charge our way through the day. Evidently Alibaba’s version is alarming the Chinese government because so many hundreds of millions are using it for transactions, savings & loans. We looking at a major social issue, aren’t we?

Me:  If we don’t awaken to the new paradigm and its policies and then intelligently plan for an equally enlightened psychological acculturation to leisure with an expansion of purposes other than/in addition to employment….then we’re all in for an ugly and deadly social “fourth turning”.

I don’t know that much about Alibaba’s effects, but unless it changes the inherent scarcity ratio between individual incomes and costs it won’t resolve the problem.

The Chinese and the Orient as a whole are smart, but IMO while being conceptually correct, their collectivist tendencies are an out mental gradient because they reflect an ethic-zeitgeist which is one of only two integrations above a paradigm change. Mental-conceptual integrations, like levels of consciousness, follow specific hierarchies and for good reason because to skip a level leaves important knowledge and insights behind-unperceived.

RL:  Craig, I have been pursuing “financialization” for some time (Locke, R. R. (2000). American business school education and the revolution in interactive information technology, “Reform of Finance Education in U.S. Business Schools (2011), rwer, Management from Hell: How financial investor logic hijacked firm governance (2012), Boostzone Institute, PARIS, “Financialization, income distribution, and the social question (2014, rwer), Locke & Spender, Confronting Managerialism, 2011, etc.) The problem is finding something to replace it. Europe’s subservience to Trump and Trump’s to finanization, takes the West out of the search for a new paradigm.

Me:  Robert,
And that is absolutely to your credit. And I completely agree that Trump likely being the poster boy for financial fraud, money laundering and the current monetary paradigm’s disintegrative effects on the whole of human civilization….is not about to awaken to the new one.

We here however, are aware of specifically what the problem is and all we really need is to realize that new paradigms are always conceptual opposites of the old one and changes of primacy.

Nomadism to homesteading

legalism to grace as in love in action

handwritten to mechanically created literature

absolution only via the sacraments to a direct relationship with god

terra-centrism to helio-centrism

and now Debt/Burden Only to Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting

KZ:  James, Robert, Craig, capitalism is at best an aberration. One or another form of socialism is how Sapiens organizes itself for most of its history on Earth. Capitalism is much too destructive of Sapiens’ society as well as the physical environment to make Sapiens a viable species. Even in the most oppressive monarchical and fascist regimes most of human society was organized around socialism. Even if the equality was flawed by a 1%-2% sitting atop the 98% like a boa with its body wrapped around and squeezing, sometimes even the life out of that 98%. Robert and James, I believe you have it right on socialism. In my view, people miss the close human relationships that exist with the police states and oppression. Humans crave and depend on friendships and trust. This is not about paradigm change. It’s about aberrational humans’ intent on dominating, even destroying their species, if necessary to gain and keep control. For the last several hundred years capitalism has been their main instrument for these efforts. Some of these aberrational are evolutionary, while others have cultural origins. Whichever, human at risk from the aberrations need to defend themselves and their species. First step ends all forms of capitalism. Second, try out various forms of socialism. There are numerous examples of successful socialist societies, both current and historical which can be used as models.

Me:  Ken,

I’m advocating neither capitalism nor socialism, but the thirdness greater oneness of the separate truths, workabilities and highest ethical considerations from both perspectives and systems….and the deletion of their separate or mutual untruths. That’s what an actual integration is, and in this case the result is the profit making system of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting. Consult the logic and insight of the Hegelian Dialectic.

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