Posted To RWER Blog 07/26/2018

Me:  Theories, theories, theories. Where are the policies that implement and accomplish the paradigm change???

All you really need to do with theory is discover (for yourself) the concept behind the paradigm itself….and then logically align policies with that concept. There will of course be theoretical and policy changes from the current paradigm…because we’re talking about a paradigm CHANGE after all.

When someone can come up with a set of policies that accomplish more than the following changes BASED on the natural philosophical concept of grace I’ll get on their bandwagon:

transforms systemic and individual monetary austerity into abundance

transforms the system from chronically erosively price inflationary to stably, painlessly and beneficially price deflationary

makes virtually all transfer taxes paid by both businesses and individuals redundant and consequently eliminate-able

even within a fiat money system enables the ability to significantly reduce individual and business income taxes due to the policies being implemented at the very terminal expression point for any and all inflation, namely final retail sale, thus ending “the necessity” for re-distributive taxation to attempt and fail to accomplish the same goal

frees the government and opposing political parties to pursue rational and ethical monetary and national policy goals instead of being captive to obsessive and compulsive political agendas….that are in fact merely the divide and conquer strategies of private finance’s monopolistic monetary paradigm of Debt/Burden/Additional Costs Post Retail Sale

by eliminating economic concern about unemployment with the policies of a universal dividend and discount/rebate policies throughout the entire course of the economic process, enabling separate national re-industrialization in the most cost effective micro-economic and sane ecological way possible

creates an entirely new pattern (paradigm) by implementing direct and reciprocal debit-credit monetary policies that integrate seamlessly into commerce/the economy using the integrative tool of double entry bookkeeping at the point of sale throughout the entire economic process and also its terminal ending point at final retail sale

Top all of this….and I’m all in on YOUR new paradigm.

YS:  If you can device a good policy or policies, there is no need of theory. However, a set of policies without good understanding of economy may turn out to be disastrous. A typical example is the socialist economic planning. It hardly worked but was not as rosy as its proponents first imagined.

Me:  Correct Yosh. Of course when the policies and their effects that I enumerated fit seamlesssly with the nature of double entry bookkeeping which is the very infrastructure upon which all commerce and all economic transactions take place, and they also resolve the two biggest problems heterodox economists identify as chronically plaguing modern economies, that is

1) systemic monetary austerity and individual income scarcity and
2) price inflation

its hard not to consider it economically valid, the answer to widely accepted chronic systemic problems and thus by definition the policies of a paradigm change.

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