Science, Logic and Beingness

Science and logic are wonderful, interesting and important for a thorough understanding of the temporal universe, but they’re not a complete understanding of Life and all of the cosmos. Just how inadequate it is can be understood by realizing that questions/questioning, which is the tool and method of science, is only satisfying until the questions continue. In other words the only thing less satisfying than having problems….is not having any problems….and/or becoming unsatisfied by the non-completeness of the mental mode of doubt/questioning only/itself. And that is the beginning of an entirely new adventure.

When there are no more questions to answer or disatisfaction with only questioning a kind of agony can take root that can only be overcome by more questions….or by contemplating beingness itself and learning to enjoy all of the experiences you’ve had all of your life in a deeper, more complete and satisfying way. It’s the difference between the monk who before he attained enlightenment saw rivers and trees and mountains, and the enlightened monk who still saw rivers and trees and mountains but saw them wisely.

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