Wisdomics-Gracenomics and the Cosmic Reality of Grace

“This always begins with a specific interpretation of the world around us which, until shown differently is reality.”

Of course. And this is my interpretation:

1) Scarcity ratio and its resolution with the new paradigm of grace as in gifting

2) UBI reflective of grace, economists are just beginning to cognite on it

3) integrative tool of double entry bookkeeping, economists are ignorant of in general, its nature and the significances of the summing, ending, totaling and terminal expression points of costs/prices and all consumer inflation

4) Flawed static/full stop General equilibrium, grace as general interactive, integrative process and flow, higher abundant monetary disequilibrium is descriptive of temporal reality and accomplishes its nature of process and flow/free flowingness

5) Grace as highest concept of wisdom is every thing and the Other, and/or its opposite to the point of thirdness/greater oneness, (integrated duality within an integrative trinity-unity-oneness process) including the NATURAL EXISTENT REALITY NO MATTER TO WHOM OR WHAT IT IS ATTRIBUTED TO of grace as in consciousness itself

6) grace and scientific method are trinitarian processes, one of fragmented empirical/physical data only (true, untrue & hypothesis) the other of (empirical/physical data & wisdom) & grace as in consciousness itself

7) and science is in the process of awakening to this deeper, broader, epistemologicaly higher, more complete, more integrative and holistic reality for over a hundred years….all of which are adjectives describing/aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace…..which indeed is the trulycutting edge scientific description of nature….that economics and every system including the totality of human reality….should emulate, mentally understand and self actualize.

So lets get on with it.


Posted To RWER Blog 07/20/2018

Again, for the 4th or 5th time, a paradigm is a new consciousness of a singular concept that also fits seamlessly within most of the objective structures of the body of knowledge it applies to and yet transforms and creates an entirely new pattern. Hence it is both a mental and an objective/temporal universe thing. Paradigms are the ultimate human historically integrative realizations AND events. They are supreme moments of wisdom both because integration is the very process of wisdom itself and because the result of such thorough integrations results in wisdom and wisdom’s highest natural philosophical systemic concept and/or personal experience…AKA grace/atonement/samadhi/ satori-kensho. Realizing a new paradigm is just such an ah ha experience and is what all scientists describe as such in the infrequent breakthroughs they all hope to have.

It is time for economists to awaken to the new monetary and economic paradigm of grace as in Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting and its aligned policies….and also for mankind to realize that an aspect or aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace has always been the concept behind EVERY paradigm change.…..largely due to the fact that grace as in the continual dynamic interactive and integrative process and flow of everything, i.e. the cosmos is the truest and actual reality.

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