The Master Game/Paradigm Perception/Wisdomics-Gracenomics

It’s funny how ideas take root in one’s mind and just wait for us to re-discover and further integrate them. Re-reading from Part 1 about the various mental games De Ropp enumerates the higher games of art, science, religion and master games, if I may be so bold, I think what I refer to as paradigm perception is the integration of all four of the higher games and which would also be a parallel integrative temporal universe game to the personal master game.

If Wisdom is the process of integration of ideas, truths and apparent opposites and also the best integration of the practical, the ideal and the ethical call it the Wisdom/Paradigm Perception Game. Paradigms as I have previously posted by definition are integrative “things” in that they are simultaneously single unitary mental concepts that fit/apply seamlessly within the area of human endeavor/body of knowledge they take place in and yet create an entirely new qualitative pattern as well. It also fits the integrated duality within an integrative thirdness greater oneness formula I’ve floated here several times.

This is not to lay claim to some terrific genius on my part really, more a combination of flaw, desire for honesty, lucky grouping of intellectual interests, fate/coincidental timing and standing on the shoulders of giants which I would guess parallels the mindsets of most here.

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