The New Economic and Monetary Concept

The new concept behind modern economic systems needs to change from austere general equilibrium to grace as in the higher disequilibrium of stable, relatively abundant monetary gifting. The temporal universe being in an intensely integrated yet slightly disequilibrated state of continual dynamic, interactive grace as in process and flow, the economy would best capture nature by resonating closely with that reality.

The present economy and business cycle follows the same curve of a failed satellite orbital insertion. The direct distribution of money to the individual via a universal dividend and a high percentage discount and the discount’s reciprocal rebated gifting back to enterprise will enable the economy to achieve orbital free flow/free fall from so called Keynesian wage rigidities that will be much more stable exactly like a satellite’s successful orbit is, that is perturbed only slightly by atmospheric expansion.

This is not DSGE tweaking via the indirect, blunt and unworkable tool of interest rate changes, it is the deep, permanent, direct and transformational breakthrough known as a paradigm change.

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