Posted To RWER Blog Regarding Mindset/Paradigm Changes 07/04/2018

FS:  Surely, the problem is that economists WILL NOT apply the scientific method to their work. Without this, all the rubbish remains circulating forever. The mountains of rubbish continue to grow and even worse at an ever increasing rate.

As the author of the only paper which solves physically valid differential equations over time, (I know of no others) I would be happy to come on board any attempts to arrange a meeting of minds. I am not sure that another book per se is indicated. What is needed is a change of mind set, which is always difficult!

Me:  Precisely. A new paradigm being simultaneously a single unifying and defining concept that creates an entire new temporal pattern that also becomes a part of virtually everyone’s mindset. Studying new paradigms/paradigm changes is an exceedingly informative and enlightening activity. Here are a few of their signatures to look for:

Conceptual opposition to the old/current paradigm

Beneficial inversion/transformation of a current major problematic duality or ratio

Unmistakable and unimpeachable progress and hence un-reversable progress, that is everything adapts to a new paradigm….not the other way around

Invention of a new tool/process and/or perspective, or the re-discovery of old ones that enlighten new ways to see, understand and resolve problems

Greatly increased abundance within the area of the paradigm change

Brings to an end the dominance of the dominant structural entity of the old paradigm

And, always the case, new paradigms are considered logically absurd and impossibly wrong by most…right up to the time they are embraced as the new great truth.

They are par excellence integrative in all ways which means that paradigms that have persisted for a very long time have integrated themselves into many aspects of human existence often keeping their now problematic effects in stimulation/suspension…so that when such a paradigm change does take effect it has positive, constructive and permanent effects overlapping into areas other than the specific body of knowledge/area of human endeavor the paradigm change takes place in. The last time such a paradigm change took place was the one from hunting and gathering to agriculture and IMO the new monetary and economic paradigm is one such change.

I’ll also add here: I am four square for science in every way….except where and when it becomes the onlyness of an orthodoxy. Wisdom is integration and its pinnacle natural concept, grace, is continual dynamic interactive integrating.

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