Regarding Modeling and Assumptions: Posted To RWER Blog 07/01/2018

Basic old paradigm problems like zen koans are not glibly resolved. Like the classic koan, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”, they require intense and focused looking and contemplation….in order to snap the noviate out of his glib and habitual garden variety state of walking around consciousness and into a moment of satori. This is exactly what macro-economic theory requires…and new paradigm perception is characterized by. In fact I would say that macro-economics is a discipline caught in the intellectual and habitual un-resolvability of a koan and a satori/new paradigm perception moment is the only way to exit the mental stress it is designed to create. You can’t glibly answer a koan without getting whacked on the head by the zen master and you can’t tweak/palliate macro-economics and pretend you’ve experienced economic satori.

What are the “integral” aspects and components of the economy that are not integral at all, but are in fact obstructions to integration itself? How, where, when and with what can a new macro-economic moment of satori/paradigm perception….be best micro foundationally applied?

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