Reform Versus Paradigm Change

Economic reformists are always well intentioned, and yet equally cowardly and/or shallow. A history of economic reform will show failure to maintain itself in every instance, and the continual ruminations of economists and economic pundits over theoretical purity and yet failure to craft policies that are deep enough to long persist or even to craft policies at all is the surest of signs of this fact. This is because reformers are hypnotized by Finance’s monopolistically dominating paradigm of Debt Only, and further by the acceptance/normalization of private finance as a legitimate business model…which it is not. Financial services can be legitimate retail business models, but the money creating powers of private banks/finance is errant if not psychotic, and governmental control of money is also doomed….unless the new paradigm and the concept of grace behind it is thoroughly understood and policies are crafted that essentially perfectly align with it.

The only change that is permanent is a paradigm change, and this is historically verifiable as well.


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