Posted To RWER Blog 06/24/2018

The master economist must have paradigm perception of both the old and new kind. Economics suffers from being long buried in the old paradigm. Hetrodox economists have correctly critiqued a lot of the old paradigm, but mentally and theoretically they still live within it. They’re so close, perhaps too close to recognize the single concept that will form the entirely new and transformed pattern. It takes stepping completely outside of the old paradigm…even of its most holy of holy cows…or an outsider who can see all of the value in heterodoxy yet does not have the mental baggage of hidden orthodoxies, taboos about where to look for solutions and whose intellectual curiosities even outside of economics enables that closer and more clarifying look.


What if there is a relevant and aligned natural philosophical concept around which one could understand, craft and pin point economic and monetary policy that not only resolved the paradox of thrift and the quantity theory of money, but even the fallacy of composition….because it is in fact the most basic, omnipresent and yet subtle reality upon which the woof and warp of the physical cosmos is composed.

Economic and monetary alignment with the aspects of cosmic natural and temporal alignment itself…..would be a pretty deep “thing”. And that’s because Wisdom as a set encompasses science and even makes it good and innovative science.


Trump, Bannon, populists in general “think” by bashing ideas together and “thinking” that a better situation will result from it. They are the worst of reactionaries, disintegrationists and merchants of chaos. Unfortunately conservatives/libertarians vainly hope for the best because they partially agree with populist’s agenda and liberals know only conflict….because they are generally almost as reactionary as the conservatives, libertarians and populists…instead of being integrationists, i.e. wise enough to combine only the particles of truth, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations in all of these opposing perspectives.

Trade wars like actual wars are conflicts, disintegrative events, attempts at overt and covert/unconscious domination. Better to create a thirdness greater oneness by applying aspects of the highest concept of wisdom, grace, in relevant ways to the economic and money systems.

The way to end the seeming necessity to be either a currency manipulating reserve currency or an export platform is to make the domestic economy so abundant and profitable via the policies of the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary grace as in gifting that the “need” to exploit one’s neighbor recedes.

Economists need to heed the insights of T. S. Eliot: “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” and Thomas Aquinas: “The end of my labors has come. All that I have written appears to be as so much straw after the things that have been revealed to me.”

After all wholeness, completion, newness, nowness/presence, abundance and direct and reciprocal monetary gifting are all relevant economic reflectivities and aspects of the concept of grace.

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