Posted To Andrew Lainton’s Blog 06/24/2018

Or you could implement the monetary policies of a universal dividend and high percentage discount/rebate policy throughout the entire economic process at the point of sale as well as at retail sale which is not only the terminal summing of all costs and so prices for every consumer item and service and last but not least the very expression point for any and all forms of inflation. That way a $1000/mo dividend with a 50% retail discount creates $2000/mo worth of purchasing power for everyone 18 and older….even if they don’t do a lick, and if they have even part time employment of $20,000/yr that means a two person houshold would have $4000/mo/48000/yr in dividend and $20,000 x 2 = $40000 x2 with the discount/rebate or $128000/yr in total purchasing power. So every family could probably rather quickly and easily be able to have both a permanent and vacation home….and the rental market would be able to “wither away”.

And remember a home is the RETAIL product of a home builder so a $200k home would only cost the consumer $100k. Kinda hard to manufacture asset inflation…..with a 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale.

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