The Fallacy of “Free” Markets and Their Actual Reality of Chaos

Economic systems are chaotic because they lack a lower bound on costs and an upper bound of price. Thus rational, ethical and stabilizing control via regulation is necessary.

I hasten to add that this paradigm hypnotized organized complexity is also a mental-theoretical barrier to recognizing that the entire concept of “free” markets is fallacious. Markets are not just unstable….they are chaotic, that is they in fact are not bounded at all on the lower end by cost nor the upper end by price. In the temporal universe there is no such thing as total freedom….only freedom amongst known, rational and ethical barriers.

Thus the dominatingly smothered economy by Private Finance’s monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only is the parasitical present “answer”…..and the incisive, proactive and tremendously beneficial policies of the new paradigm are the wise actual answer.

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