Wisdom As In The Application of Ethical Common Sense: Creeping Inflation and It’s Elimination

What are considered free markets are actually simply chaotic markets in disguise because there is no effective way to prevent entreprenuers from simply arbitrarily increasing their prices when they perceive more money coming into the system. What the economy requires along with the universal dividend and discount/rebate policies is good, rational and ethical control over such arbitrary and vice ridden actions.

In the first place the universal dividend and 50% discount/rebate policies tremendously benefit both the individual and enterprise by raising the available amount the individual can purchase by a factor of 2-2.5 which of course benefits enterprise at the same time because now there is 2-2.5 times more money available for their products/services. It also would virtually eliminate the taxes both individuals and enterprise pay for welfare, unemployment insurance etc., and quite quickly even for social security. So the benefits and cost savings for everyone and every business are large and would make it hard to justify cost/price increases….except for purely greedy and anti-social reasons…and this despite being given a prosperous free flowing system and tremendously increasing the likelihood of their profitability. The healthy and correct response to being gifted is appreciation and honest participation. Hence greed and destabilizing actions will correctly be met with taxation and eventually, if not corrected, loss of the privileges of the discount/rebate policies.

Wisdom is common sense and its just and ethical application.

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