Direct Looking At The Economy Enables One To Define Its Actual Current Character

Conservative and Libertarian economists think the economy tends toward equilibrium and that markets are free. Not so.

Liberal economists think they are financially unstable. That’s going in the right direction, but its sight is still blinkered and blurred largely because heterodox economists have not recognized the concept and policies of the new paradigm and hence they still think private finance is a legitimate economic business model which it is not.

The truth is that the economy/markets are bounded neither on the lower end by costs nor the upper bound by price which is the definition of chaos/no actual control.  Private finance and its monopolistic/parasitical paradigm of Debt Only as the sole vehicle and form for the distribution of credit/money is outside of the legitimate economic/productive process and dominatingly attempts to smother/manipulate the economy into “equilibrium” with the blunt instruments of interest rates and refusals to lend. The strategically implemented philosophy and policies of the new paradigm resolve the paradoxes and conundrums that stymie the heterodox’s thinking, clear their minds of falsehoods and filters and accomplish the establishment of that new paradigm.

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