The Discount/Rebate Policy Fits Seamlessly…

…within exchange which is the most basic action that takes place in any monetary economy, and it utilizes the digital nature of the money, pricing and accounting systems to double everyone’s potential purchasing power, hence it also doubles the available demand for any businesses product or service.

Also, because the point of sale within the entire economic process is a summing and ending point for any business model’s product or service the discount/rebate policy can be implemented there as well as at the terminal ending point for the entirety of the economic process at retail sale.

Finally, as the discount/rebates at the sale point of business to business prevents any possibility of inflation throughout the economic process and retail sale is the terminal expression point for any and all price inflation….the discount rebate policy if of sufficiently high percentage can not only eliminate any inflation, but can actually integrate price deflation painlessly and beneficially into profit making systems.

And these are both the actual and basically irresistible temporal universe policy effects that benefit both enterprise and every individual, and just happen to make reality all of the things the best, most cutting edge economists have said the economy requires to be  prosperous and free flowing for all, and that will implement the new monetary and economic paradigm.

So I’ve not only resolved the problems and implemented the solutions of the best theorists….I’ve also shown them how to create and implement the permanently positive thing known as a paradigm change.

Thank you.

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