Posted To RWER Blog 06/13/2018 Regarding Wisdom and The zen of Economics

Me:  Ken, the whole of human life and history is a struggle with oneself, with others and with ideas. The only concept and experience that enables individuals to rise above themselves, others and their ruminations on Life is grace the most basic definition of which is nothing more…and certainly nothing less than love… action within oneself and toward others and the world. Rationalism/intellectualism while an excellent and necessary mental tool will never be sufficient to get us to Valhalla because it is all epi-phenomenon. This is not religion it is natural philosophy and a commitment to cultivating the experiences behind dogmas that are intellectualizations of them.

You’re quite correct to point out that broken or diseased people do not/will not follow Maslow’s hierarchy, but creating an economics, a culture and a world view on grace/graciousness would be the mental infrastructure upon which homo sapiens/wise and discerning man could finally begin to fulfill his species designation.

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

KZ:  Craig, only some human interactions are struggles. Others are simple and pleasant, while others are working outs of specifics of actions and beliefs. And there is love, admiration, respect, etc. as well. If rationalism-intellectualism is epiphenomenon then so also is love, desire, respect, etc. But not to worry. Most of human life is epiphenomenon. Make believe is how humans create and carry out their lives. It’s the way we’re thrown into existence. I’ve worked with “broken” people for years. Don’t assume they, like you and I, believe they are broken. They see themselves as a normal. The purpose of therapy is to change how they understand normal and thus how they act and believe. Therapy is a socialization process. And sometimes a quite invasive one.

Me:  “Most of human life is epiphenomenon.”

True. However, the definition and experience of Wisdom is that it is DEEPER understanding. Wisdom is the integration of truths in opposing perspectives. ( truth x truth) That’s why you and I and others can agree on so much. We’re integrating a duality. But there is a pinnacle of Wisdom and curiously the striking experience pointed at and written about by all of the major wisdom traditions (satori, samadhi, atonement, grace) is an extraordinarily unified thirdness greater oneness totally conscious one [ (truth x truth) <–> greater truth ] in other words it is an integrated duality within an integrative trinity-unity-oneness-fully conscious-process. Also curiously satori, samadhi, atonement, grace are generally momentary experiences and all wisdom traditions speak of the necessity of mental discipline in order to re-attain/maintain such a state and this is best accomplished by actually allowing the mental interaction of opposites to drop away (which is addition by subtraction and so wisdom as well) so that only self awareness/consciousness ITSELF is left and one can cultivate it so that it undergurds (sp) one’s, now, every fully conscious thought and action.

Wisdom is all of the process of fuller mindful understanding, an awakening experience to an even higher level of consciousness and the continuing dynamic of living one’s life in that higher state.

Viz economics one can wisely assert, ruminate over and examine economic critique and heterodox theory and yet unconsciously fail to look everywhere for solutions/applications that your theories suggest would be helpful and so get caught up in the complexity of the economy. Then, when one looks directly at commerce and its moment to moment exchanges and thinks economically about its underlying infrastructure (double entry bookkeeping, the money and pricing systems and their digital debit/credit nature, and the significance of the summing, totaling, ending and terminal inflation expression points of the point of sale and retail sale) …and see that these insights awaken one to the perfect place and times to implement the solutions to the problems one has been ruminating about because they cut through all of the abstraction, complexity and indirectness enforced by solely abstract thinking ABOUT the economy and held in suspension by the current monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only….and then you have a new and genuine experience and by applying the correct policies the system attains a lasting state of free flowingness.

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