Posted To RWER Blog 06/12/2018

Me:  The German and Japanese management style is superior to the more hierarchical US style because it is more cooperative which is an aspect of the new zeitgeist of grace as in flow. Unfortunately the system cannot ascend to the level of zeitgeist change until it resolves the major paradigm problem of total individual monetary scarcity in ratio to total costs/prices with grace as in Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

Systemic evolution reflects and follows the hierarchical pattern of Maslow’s pyramid of self actualization.

KZ:  Craig, Maslow missed, or maybe ignored an important factor affecting the operation of his pyramid. Within identified versions of culture, the pyramid functions as Maslow claims. But these are not the end of possibilities for culture. A culture of psychopaths is possible. We have historical examples (Nazi Germany, American capitalism). In the first, racism prevents the satisfaction of any of the needs in Maslow’s hierarchy. Here, the hierarchy is meaningless. In the second, capitalists assign ever greater portions of physical and monetary benefits to themselves, thereby continually reducing available benefits for the remainder of the population. Then the capitalists work to ensure the security and life satisfaction of other members of society is converted into additional wealth and resources for themselves. Maslow was naïve to believe such deviations from his pyramid weren’t possible.

Me:  Ken, the whole of human life and history is a struggle with oneself, with others and with ideas. The only concept and experience that enables individuals to rise above themselves, others and their ruminations on Life is grace the most basic definition of which is nothing more…and certainly nothing less than love… action within oneself and toward others and the world. Rationalism/intellectualism while an excellent and necessary mental tool will never be sufficient to get us to Valhalla because it is all epi-phenomenon. This is not religion it is natural philosophy and a commitment to cultivating the experiences behind dogmas the latter of which are mere intellectualizations of them.

You’re quite correct to point out that broken or diseased people do not/will not follow Maslow’s hierarchy, but creating an economics, a culture and a world view on grace/graciousness would be the mental infrastructure upon which homo sapiens/wise and discerning man could finally begin to fulfill his species designation.

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

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