Ethics/Zeitgeists Are The Ultimate In Integrative Thinking, and Grace Is The Concept Behind Even Them

I just finished listening to an interview of Michael Hudson and I said “yes” to myself about virtually everything he said. Hudson’s moral indignation at the philosophy and actions of the current macro-economic orthodoxy has always been strong and his critque of it has always been incisive and I have always admired that in him.

Guys like Hudson, Keen and other heterodox economists have always been right about what is wrong with and about economics, but their critque still does not fully consciously comprehend the new paradigm. This is mostly because there are a few orthodoxies they’ve not fully de-bunked yet, and also because they do not look directly at the moment to moment operations of commerce and so have not discovered the monetary and economic significances there that will enable them to see how the new paradigm can be seamlessly and most beneficially integrated into the economy.

They have not cognited on the concept and zeitgeist behind even the new paradigm itself which is the natural philosophical concept of grace in its many aspects. Awakening to this is even more important than the new paradigm because it is the guiding light that will permanently curb/reverse all of the vices/deadly sins of the current system they so eloquently and precisely describe.

So with their insightful theorizing they are currently one integration below paradigm and two below zeitgeist. When in doubt integrate! And then keep on integrating because grace which is love in process/action/expression in the temporal universe is the ultimate integrative human concept.

Finally, when one realizes that the natural philosophical concept of grace has always been the partially/fragmentarily expressed concept behind every genuinely permanent and progressive change, i.e. paradigm change in human history is when one realizes that fully understanding/integrating the aspects of grace would be an ultimate understanding of the cosmos and hence the greatest expansion of conscious in human history.

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