New Discount/Rebate Scheme

Every business model is gifted 5% of their total costs if they do not increase their costs or inflate their prices from before the discount/rebate policy’s implementation (there are additional cost reductions as a result of the discount/rebate policy that will make it impossible for them to legitimately claim an increase in costs) and if they also opt into a 50% “pass on” discount (which is rebated back to them) to their business model consumers on the line toward final retail sale where the 5% gift and an additional variable discount/rebate policy percentage is applied that results in increasing everyone’s purchasing power by a factor of 2.5.  Hence everyone 18 and older that gets a $1000/mo. universal dividend now has $2500/mo. or $30,000/yr. of potential purchasing power, and whatever one makes in earned income per year is also increased by 2.5 times. So if you make $30,000/yr you now make $75,000 plus $2500/mo or $30,000/yr in dividend or $105,000/yr. of potential purchasing power total.

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