Grace: The Natural Philosophical Concept Behind Every Step of Genuine and Lasting Human Progress

H & G to Agriculture:    Grace as in increased abundance of food and greater human survival

Wisdom Traditions:  Grace as in more abundant codification and technique for the experience of Grace as in consciousness

Ptolemaic Cosmology To Copernican Paradigm Change:  Grace as in increased scientific knowledge and more direct and accurate actual experience of present time temporal reality…where the experience of Grace takes place

Gutenberg Press:  Grace as in much more abundant ability to communicate information

The Reformation:  Grace as in direct and in the moment access to God’s absolution for sin as opposed to only via the monopoly sacraments of the Church or a Papal dispensation. (The analogy if you missed it is that the life’s blood of commerce i.e. money-revenue and the life’s blood of economic freedom, i.e. individual income is gained by the direct distribution-gifting of these…instead of having to abide by the indirect and burdensome process and vehicle of Finance’s tyrannical monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only for monetary distribution.)

Cybernetics/AI:  Grace as in the increased knowledge of a necessarily digital and integrated system-duality-thesis-antithesis as the precursor to the further integration known as Wisdom-Grace-consciousness which is a trinity-unity-oneness-process

Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting:  Grace as in the increased abundance, workability and survival of the individual within profit making economic systems via the thorough integration of Grace as in monetary gifting into the debt based monetary and double entry bookkeeping systems leading to the trinity-unity-oneness-process of Grace as in free flowingness


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