Posted To RWER Blog 06/02/2018

B:  Centralized “trust based evaluation system” sounds like a slogan from a Soviet edu propaganda campaign Remove Big Gov from the output measurement and everything gonna be fine.

Me:  The obsession with “free” markets (in actuality they are in a continual state of chaos because they are neither bounded by cost on the lower end nor by price on the upper end, and they are then dominatingly smothered by the current monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only as a mask of equilibrium) will fall away when the rational, ethical and intelligent control of fiat money is accomplished by the policies of the new paradigm.

The libertarian kant that government is always and everywhere the deepest problem will finally be seen as the irrational generalization it always has been when the government implements policies aligned with and actually effecting freedom and free flowingness in the temporal universe. And we can say to such lingering recalcitrants: A = A, Freedom is freedom….check your premises.

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