Posted To RWER Blog Regarding Comparative Advantage 05/28/2018

Over all I tend to come down on Keen’s point of view on this issue, but again, the entire debate takes place squarely within the current paradigm of Debt Only when if the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting were implemented neither the dominating mercantilist/export platform nor the manipulative reserve currency strategy of national economies would be necessary…because domestic economies would create sufficiently abundant individual incomes to maintain free flowingness….without having to resort to such.

Furthermore, if nations didn’t have to worry about the negative monetary effects of unemployment due to a universal dividend and retail discount/rebate policies guaranteeing a satisfactory lifestyle, then they could industrialize/re-industrialize and therefore have even more robust and self sufficient domestic economies. And of course with abundant demand there would undoubtedly be much more employment…than if demand was left scarce anyway.

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