What It Takes


That is an article with the right frame of mind, i.e. change, not just debate. The UBI/universal dividend idea is obviously an integral part of future economic systems because technological innovation/AI will inevitably be a greater and greater disruptive force and labor expense is the softest and most readily available means of cutting costs unless you do away with profit, competition, innovation and AI…so good luck with that. One of the tricks in paradigm change is a genuine integration of the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations of opposing sides…not the usual compromises that pols idiotically tend to craft that insures lack of agreement and no actual progress.

An actual integration is a cleansing/purification process that requires REAL statesmanship and generally a new insight to enable….a lot more statesmanship. That is why the discount/rebate policies I’ve suggested here are so important because they contain a new insight that has been overlooked by virtually all current theorists that show agents on both sides how they will benefit….rather than have to give up/suffer even more than they are suffering presently.

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