Posted To Ellen Brown’s Public Banking Google Group 05/20/2018

My old foil Mish Shedlock has been on this development for some time now, and of course advocates against any idea of a universal basic income or government deficits. The deal between Lega and Five Star is another compromise/reform with the current paradigm of Debt Only and so will accomplish nothing in the bigger picture that actually deals with paradigms.

In fact it may actually result in a desired (by finance) invalidation of the concept of UBI/universal dividend because the Italians do not know how to implement it, and so inflation will inevitably result.

The trick is to increase individual incomes sufficiently to create a new paradigm while simultaneously implementing painless and beneficial price deflation. (It truly is tricky unless you understand the digital nature of the costing/pricing, money and accounting systems and the exact place and times to implement the policies).

The policies and structural changes (one of which is resigning private money creation to the dust bin of history and the creation of a National Public Bank with a confederate system of state public banks) of the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting will indeed “do the trick”.

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