Posted To RWER Blog 05/15/2018

Integrate the workabilities and applicabilities of capitalism and socialism and the concept of ethics of the new monetary and economic paradigm and you’d have the profit making system of Directly Distributive Monetary Gifting. Would that mean you’d not have lending? No. Does that mean you couldn’t have a job guarantee for anyone who was having trouble finding purpose without employment? No. Would there be more or less employment with the policies of a universal dividend and discounts/rebates throughout the entire economic/productive process? More, by far. Would people become lazy and entitled? Don’t be stupid, anecdotally of course, but generally of course not, especially if we’d have a cooperative effort by the clergy, helping professions and the government to help acculturate people to leisure which is self determined focused effort, NOT idleness. The vast majority of us find purpose in life other than employment with the present onerous and enslaving system. That percentage would undoubtedly go up when the stress, anxiety and the ancient un-examined dictum of “only by the sweat of thy brow shalt ye earn your bread” is analyzed anew within modern technologically advanced productive capabilities.

Integrate truths, keep on integrating them, integrate them until they result in a thirdness greater oneness. Make the concept behind that thirdness greater oneness the new ethic/zeitgeist that further frees everyone into its beatific chains….until further integrations… enlighten further.

Obsession with employment and balanced budgets only, as economic “solutions” is so old paradigm. When one realizes that:
1) the point of sale is a summing and ending point for costs and prices throughout the entirety of the economic/productive process
2) the point of retail sale is the terminal ending and summing point for all costs and prices for every item or service and also the terminal expression point for any and all price inflation and
3) double entry bookkeeping which is digital in nature, that is, debits and credits of equal amounts sum to zero, and is also the underlying infrastructure, guiding force and as it turns out the perfect and appropriate means of integrating monetary policies into the economy

then paradigm changing economic insight occurs.

And I readily admit that theoretically I stand on the shoulders of several heterodox theorists now like Steve Keen, Michael Hudson, Asad Zaman, David Ruccio and Lars Syll as well as some from the past. All I’m trying to do is bring them, even if kicking and screaming, away from their iconoclastic abstract theoretical musings and into looking at the above present time commercial significances long enough for them to see how the very problems they all identify with current theory….can be resolved by the policies I’m advocating and consequently create a new paradigm. Or we could go on for another futile 5000 years of tweaking, reforming and endlessly discussing the problematic current one.

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