Here Is What Economists Are Missing…

…by not looking directly at the moment to moment operations of the economy and so not recognizing certain cost, price, monetary, double entry bookkeeping and hence economic realities.

First they are missing the fact that double entry bookkeeping, which is one of the top three human inventions of all time by the way, is the underlying infrastructure and vector-path mechanism of the entire legitimate economic/productive process. In other words every legitimate transaction is recorded within it, and even illegitimate transactions are decipherable with good forensic accounting.

Secondly, they are missing the significances regarding the point of retail sale, namely that it is the momentary and/or terminal stopping and summing point for all costs and so all prices for every item or service throughout the entire economic/productive process.

Thirdly, they are missing the fact that retail sale is also the terminal expression point for any and all consumer price inflation.

Fourthly, they are missing the fact that the costing, pricing, debt based monetary and double entry bookkeeping system are all digital in their most basic nature. In other words equal amounts of costs, prices, money and debits and credits will sum to zero.

And finally,  combining double entry bookkeeping’s absolute basic infrastructure and vector/path mechanism they fail to see how the policies of a 20% business model retail sale and a 50% discount/rebate at the point of final retail sale could linear-ize all of the cost savings and painless and beneficial  deflationary price effects mentioned above and also immediately resolve all of the thorniest and most chronic problems of modern economies. And furthermore, in conjunction with a universal dividend policy could immediately more than double every individual’s potential purchasing power, eliminate and/or significantly reduce the need for re-distributive taxation, painlessly and beneficially integrate price deflation into profit making systems and re-energize and rejuvenate them. Furthermore,  this paradigm change would have “knock on” integrative and beneficial effects in politics and other areas of our lives including uplifting social, psychological and ecological effects.

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