Posted To RWER Blog 05/07/2018

Everything in the way of policies I have suggested accomplishes precisely what heterodox and leading edge critics of current economics and economic theory….say they’d like to see, that is if one actually looks at what those policies do instead of immediately internally invalidating them due to orthodox blinkers or not actually looking at them and their effects at all. The only difference between they and I is I have perceived the single concept that will enable a new pattern known as a paradigm change and placed them within the framework of the moment to moment operations of commerce so as to thoroughly integrate them into the system.

As for analogies the body IS an excellent one for what every economist tries to accomplish with their thinking, that is create a complex and dynamic system that remains stable, robust and healthy despite the inevitable internal and external changes that must take place in the temporal universe so your skepticism regarding using it does not hold.

The real difference between the leading heterodox economists and myself is what I said above, and that I’ve recognized the historical signatures of paradigm changes and shown that the policies I recommend fit virtually all of them. If anyone cares to have a discussion here regarding those signatures I’d be happy to elaborate on them with them. Paradigm changes and perceiving them after all are so staggeringly positive and progressive that one would think they should be the focus here.

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