Dominatingly Smothered Financial Chaos

Modern economies do not tend toward general equilibrium, and they aren’t remediable by tweaking the current monetary and economic paradigm. The most accurate characterization of modern economies is:

Dominatingly Smothered Financial Chaos

Dominatingly smothered financial chaos, with an attending power and profit obsessed corporate elite that is largely independent from finance’s paradigm of Debt Only and so in many ways safe from and yet complicit in their domination. The new paradigm will end finance’s dominance and the corporate elites will need to embrace the new paradigm and its ethic of monetary grace as in gifting or eventually, and hopefully quickly, they will also take their place in the dust bin of history the same as private finance. But finance needs be the key factor, the real target and the unrelenting focus, not of mere reform, but of utter structural and paradigmatic change.

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. To whomever you attribute that quote it remains true, and when a paradigm change effecting so many aspects of human life and that has plagued human civilization for its entire history and consequently is utterly overdue….the necessity and rate of change of that arc is tremendously increased.


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