Posted To The Social Credit Group 05/03/2018

Again, I’m open to more efficient ways of doing things, but number one bitcoin, crypto-currencies and blockchain are the darling of libertarian leaning economic pundits and they definitely do not “dig” the inherent cost inflationary nature of modern economies that social credit exposes. Secondly, I know that these measures are attempts to replace the utterly parasitic nature of the private business model known as finance with peer to peer financing, but finance has already so electronically intertwined itself with commerce that it would be easy for them to claim these measures as THE solution….when what it really would be was the final coalescence and triumph of finance. I know that many social crediters have no problems with private finance, but increasingly I see it as merely an already problematically dominating felony waiting to happen. Having a publicly administered national bank that was governed and guided by the philosophical concept of grace via the policies of a universal dividend and a discount/rebate at the point of retail sale throughout the entire economic/productive process would be so much more efficient and effective than trying to herd the too big to fail fat cat private banks away from their mindset of profit and power ONLY and toward the loftiest ethical concept of grace. So essentially I say terminatedly remedy the problem with the above policies first…then look to making the process more efficient.

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