For RedForEd and With Respect for Allen Ginsberg whose poem Howl I have always been inspired by:

I saw the best minds of the younger generation blunted by austerity, starving, hysterically holding onto their youthful zeal,
dragging themselves through the Black, Hispanic and White streets at first hour looking for knowledge that may bring purpose,
angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo of literature, mathematics and even accounting if they’d only bury the cell phone machinery of night in their pockets,
who with shared textbooks and too many wobbly desks sat excruciatingly until lunch where they could contemplate Spotify or Google Play
who bared their brains to Mrs. Hummel in English even though they didn’t dig writing and they knew they couldn’t slack off because she was from eastern Europe where they didn’t tolerate nonsense…at least not in class,
who passed through high schools with warrior guides performing 15 different professional job descriptions for half the monetary reward but who cherished the respect and gratitude their students heaped on them 15 years later,
What pecuniary mixture of tyrannical finance, hamstrung politics and lack of willingness and ability to find solutions bashed in your hopes and dreams?
Ah Maria and Andrew and Shakayla I’m with you in spirit,
In my dreams you drive, dripping nourished and rejuvenated intellect on the scalding surface streets of a risen Phoenix, to the doors of higher education in the western night.

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