Posted To RWER Blog 04/30/2018

Macro-economics has become a discipline that confuses more than it enlightens, and is rigged around fallacies that have become truths to guarantee this fact, and to hamstring any attempt within the current monetary paradigm at finding a solution.

Take for instance the paradox of thrift and the quantity theory of Money. These are both true but only within the paradigm of Debt Only and only within the delusion that free markets actually are free and should be left alone when what they really are within the current paradigm is in a continual state of unethical disorder increasingly bordering on chaos….and that actually require good order/control. Now the word control unfortunately has negative connotations, but its proper definition within economics and any other temporal universe system is simply control as in starting, changing and stopping, i.e. flowing which actions align it with the nature of anyone and anything embedded within the temporal universe.

With the integration of the new and primary monetary and economic paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting the paradox of thrift, quantity theory of money and “free” markets are transformed into fallacies by the insights and policies of the new paradigm. So was it when nomadism as the means of survival was transformed into the increased abundance and survivability of agriculture, the ego and terra-centric cosmology of Ptolemy was transformed into the scientific truth of helio-centrism and sanctification via the church’s sacraments was transformed by the realization that sanctification was possible by a direct relationship between oneself and God and/or one’s self awareness.

The project of macro-economics is to create a system that enables the individual to become free to create his or her own concept of utopia which is something entirely different from the straight jacket of a Utopian one size fits all system.

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