Hi, my name is Steve Hummel and I’m here to explain to you how the new paradigm in economics and money systems works. It’s really quite simple, but it’s also very elegant and effective….as all new paradigms actually are.

Now right up front I hasten to add that other heterodox economists make a lot of good and correct observations about economic theory, it’s just that unfortunately they don’t look directly at some of the day to day and moment to moment things that occur in commerce and hence they miss the paradigm changing things I’m going to give you here today. Also, virtually all of the observations of certain of those cutting edge heterodox economists align with what I’m going to show you today and in fact enable what they themselves say they want to accomplish…it’s just that they don’t know how to accomplish it….and I do…and you’re going to know it too. So hold on to your seat, you’re going to witness the same kind of change that occurred when nomadic tribes switched from hunting and gathering to agriculture, when the sun and the earth switched positions, when the printing press was invented and when Luther nailed his 99 theses to the doors of the cathedral.


illustration of economic process, retail sale and retail product sale from enterprise to enterprise throughout the entirety of economic process

20% “pass on” discount/rebate and 50% discount/rebate at final retail sale

(act out the policies to make them real to everyone)

universal dividend at age of 18 onward

end of money creating power of private finance, beginning of publicly administered creation of money and its forms

retailization and extension of finance allowing its public form to participate in discount/rebate policy

Show how these not only talk about change, but accomplish the goals of cutting edge heterodox economists, immediate benefits for all agents and potential knock on ones in taxation/government funding, political integration/agenda accomplishment and social and psychological progress



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