Hi, my name is Steve Hummel. I have studied under two of the hand full of economists who foresaw the great financial crisis back in 2008. I’ve also studied an even more insightful man who started a world wide movement between WW I and WW II.  And I’ve innovated and extended their theories.

So I’m here to alert you to the very good news that new insights about the economy have lead me to new policies that indeed result in an actual new paradigm in economics and money systems. These insights and policies are very deep, very broad and will beneficially change things for every individual, every Okay, so let me cut to the chase here and give you these policies and their incredible ef.

1) A 50% discount/rebate at the point of final retail sale which is the terminal expression point for all cost and price inflation for every product or service. It immediately more than doubles everyone’s potential purchasing power.

2) A 20% “pass on” discount/rebate policy at the point of sale of each business model’s product or service to the next business model throughout the entire economic/productive process. This will virtually end any price inflation throughout the entire process of the economy and encourage the micro-economic virtues of frugality and competition and discourage the economic vice of price inflation.

3) A $1000/mo universal dividend distributed to everyone 18 years of age and older.

Here are the benefits of these policies:


Policy one incredibly accomplishes something that every economist or pundit except me thinks is impossible and that is it implements beneficial price deflation into profit making systems by its 50% discount at the terminal expression point for all price inflation while also keeping businesses whole on their overheads and profit margins via the rebating back to them of their discounts to consumers. It also immediately doubles everyone’s potential purchasing power and so also increases the potential sales of every legitimate enterprise so its good for all agents in the economy.

Policy two ends any intra-systemic price inflation and encourages the economic virtues of thrift and competition.

Policy three combined with policy one and two makes the $1000/mo dividend a guaranteed potential purchasing power of $30,000/yr.

Now, in addition to all of this if we don’t have to worry about anyone having less than a solid middle class income even if they aren’t employed at all, then all transfer taxes for welfare and unemployment insurance paid for by both individuals and businesses immediately become redundant and are able to be eliminated. Taxes for social security could also be rather rapidly phased out or rebated back to those who have paid them for many years as well.  And yes, their bureaucracies could also be eliminated.

As inflation will no longer be a systemic problem due to the discount/rebate policies and in a fiat money system direct monetary funding of all government expenses could and should be the reality, then virtually all personal and corporate income taxes would be able to be eliminated as well.

Finally, If we don’t have to worry about unemployment due to the dividend and discount/rebate policies, then we could immediately begin to re-industrialize the economy in as technologically advanced, productively efficient and ecologically sane way possible, and this would make the economy even robust and stable.

When was the last time an economist or politician more than doubled your purchasing power, eliminated both transfer and income taxes for you and every enterprise and enabled us to re-industrialize as well?  Short answer: Never. As I said at the start this is a paradigm change, and paradigm changes always bring major beneficial changes.

Paradigm changes benefit all parties because they integrate the truthful, most beneficial and most workable aspects of the agendas of apparently opposing sides, like liberal desire for economic democracy and conservative desires for thrift, smaller government and less taxation….exactly as the above policies do for instance.

There are many other “knock on” social, psychological, political and economic benefits from these policies, and as is historically verifiable, all legitimate factors in the area of human endeavor that a new paradigm occurs in….adapt to its obviously deep, broad, transformational and beneficial changes….not the other way around.

The policies of the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting end austerity for both the individual and enterprise and hence the entire economy. They rectify problematic structures (private finance), fit seamlessly within appropriate current structures that give the economy form (double entry bookkeeping) and recognize and utilize the economic significances of retail sale throughout the economy and hence bring order to the current complexity and actual chaos of the present system.

While economists search with blinkered abstractions and fail to actually look at these day to day realities and significances, the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting crafts policies around them that directly and immediately resolve modern economy’s deepest and most chronic problems. Such power, simplicity and elegance has always been the signature of paradigm change.

Please help me bring awareness of these empowering and beneficial policies to every individual so that the economic and political authorities will be forced to look at them and admit to their wisdom, workability and freeing effects. You can do that by going to my Patreon page and donating, and also by making this video go viral. Together we can build a movement that will change you from being a financial slave to a free and prosperous individual by accomplishing all of the benefits above and more. Thank you.rise and the system as a whole, and oddly enough they fit seamlessly within most of the present structures of the economy and commerce.



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