The Policies of Monetary Gifting…

….end austerity for the individual, enterprise and hence the entire economy. They rectify problematic structures (private finance), fit seamlessly within appropriate current structures that give the economy form (double entry bookkeeping) and recognize and utilize the economic significances of retail sale throughout the economy and hence bring order to the current complexity and actual chaos of the present system.

While economists search with blinkered abstractions and fail to actually look at these day to day realities and significances, the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting crafts policies around them that directly and immediately resolve modern economy’s deepest and most chronic problems. Such power, simplicity and elegance has always been the signature of paradigm change.

Help me bring awareness of these empowering and beneficial policies to every individual so that the economic and political authorities will be forced to look at them and admit to their wisdom, workability and freeing effects.

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