Posted To RWER Blog 04/07/2018

Me:  Mathematics is a useful tool, but generally is not up to deciphering generalized progressions like paradigms. Paradigm perception requires that one step completely outside of the current pattern and its orthodoxies. Like for instance the idea of free markets. The fact is that markets are not and never have been free, and beyond that the present definition of “free” markets actually describes chaos where there is no actual control of the lower bound of cost or the upper bound of price…which again describes chaos not freedom. The correct thing to do is decipher a stable datum within the chaos-complexity and then craft policy from there that is beneficial to all legitimate agents. We currently have only an oppressive monopolistic financial paradigm that overlays the entirety of the economy enforcing austerity as a “control” mechanism, and that has so integrated itself into the everyday workings of the economy so thoroughly, habitually and hypnotically that economists can’t see a way out…..except with it alone.

When one realizes that

1) the point of retail sale is the stable datum of the summing, totaling and ending point for costs and prices, and the terminal expression point for inflation as well, and

2) they combine that realization with the insight from probably the second most important invention mankind has ever created namely accounting/double entry bookkeeping….that the money, pricing and accounting systems are digital in nature and so debits and credits of equal value sum to zero….

then the paradigm of Debt Only begins to disintegrate right before their very eyes.

The elegantly simple, effective and insightful nature of the policies of Monetary Gifting are an affront to the scientistically orthodox, fragmentary, exclusionary and hide bound mindset that dominates and “guides” inquiry today and of course they are anathema to its dominating power finance with its monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only, but for those who truly desire freedom and prefer solutions rather than obsessive contemplation of problems it is the joy of discovery.

MM:  Hello Craig

We certainly need further discussion about

1. new methodologies

2. a new ethical framework

3. realism in economics


Me:  I don’t have any problem with further discussion, but looking at the actual, immediate and enduring temporal universe effects of the policies I’ve posted here is even more important. On an epistemologically rising scale looking is right below knowing as in a new realization.

Finance’s money creating power and its dominating paradigm of Debt Only have become a gigantic post retail sale parasite and an equally huge neurosis on economic thinking. We need to fold these into the economy so that the economic/productive process can be integral, whole and beneficial to all agents instead of being enslaved by the old/current paradigm.

It has been suggested that the nucleus of eukariot cells at one time was an invading virus that simply got integrated into the cytoplasm of another prokariot. The same beneficial integration of private finance into a publicly administered utility and folded into the end of the economic process so that the retail discount/rebate policy could be applied to it would change its parasitical and dominating nature into a beneficial one. It’s what I call the re-retailization of the economic process.

KZ:  Craig, your suggestions sound interesting. One question, how do you suggest we prevent the monopoly financialists from subverting the changes you propose? Words and even actions can be undermined and directed in wholly new paths. Financialists, who benefit greatly from the exiting economic arrangements are not only smart and creative, but also good at destroying opposition. They’ve proven that repeatedly.

Me:  Probably the best way to keep finance from subverting the beneficial effects of the policies of the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting would be for all the economic pedants and pundits (including myself) to start a mass social movement that alerted individuals and businessmen to how such policies are in their self interests. Trying to convince other economists and economic and monetary authorities who have their hands on the “controls” of the economy is a hopelessly inadequate and quite frankly dumb strategy. Ignore/rebut any cry from the bought or confused that such policies will cause inflation by simply playing out the actual temporal universe effects of the policies both at the terminal end of the economic process at retail sale and also at the point of retail product sale from one business model to the next. Stay focused on those effects and communicating them to large targeted constituencies like the above and also students who are being enslaved by the current system/paradigm.

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo


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