A Paradigm Change Is…

…a deep, oppositional and transformational change to primary factors within the area of human endeavor it applies to.

In the case of economics as Steve Keen has says, capitalism requires money, debt and banks. These are the three major factors that changed will usher in the paradigm change.

Keen and virtually all other leading edge heterodox economists are aware of and suggest the end of monetary austerity so they’re all aligned with the new paradigm in this area…just not enough.

Debt Only is the old/current paradigm and it is virtually monopolized by its creators the private banks. Current paradigms are largely unconscious concepts even among-st the erudite in the field in which they occur simply because they are accepted as normality and so become virtually unexamined and unperceived. So the new paradigm is a deep and oppositional change to the paradigm of Debt Only.

The change in the factor of banks is simply from plural to singular and from decent-rally private to hierarchically publicly administered. Banks, whether privately or publicly administered have been problematic for at least the last 5000 years, and the reason why is because they have never been gracious as in sovereign and benevolent and their product debt has always been burden only with virtually no balancing and freeing factor aligned with an aspect of grace…like gifting.

Hence these deep changes describe the new paradigm as abundant monetary gifting directly and reciprocally implemented by a publicly administered bank.

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