Money and A Zeitgeist of Grace As In The General Good/Unity/Sovereignty/Bothness and Bothness Integrated/Thirdness Greater Oneness and Highest Ethical Transformation of Opposites

Neither a private nor publicly administered money system will ever be safe until we recognize that both/either must be guided by and also deterred from gaming an ethic-zeitgeist of Grace as in the general Good.

Grace as in the general Good is the only concept that can effectively harness and guide power and wealth, and unifying a system to administer monetary grace as in Gifting is much more easily done in a hierarchical fashion which indicates that such a publicly administered money system would be best. This is both Occam’s Razor and the aspect of Grace known as sovereignty applied to the money system.

Finally, as an aspect of the concept of grace is bothness and also bothness integrated a hierarchically administered system of monetary graciousness is also the best way to insure the monetary sovereignty of the individual as well.

Contemplate and apply the many aspects grace and its beatific chains will free you….because grace is also the highest ethical integration of opposites and their consequent thirdness greater oneness.

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