*Posted To RWER Blog 03/30/2018

Helge is right an ideology is an escape INTO one’s own mind. Not looking out from one’s own perspective is an escape from temporal reality, and on both an epistemological scale of knowledge and a scale of scientific integrity it is at the bottom of such scale. Looking out at the temporal universe is second from the top of those scales and knowing is the pinnacle of both. The difference between the two knowings is the scientific one is actually incomplete because it’s only knowing the temporal universe while an epistemological knowing is the integration of seeing/knowing BOTH the temporal reality and one’s own self awareness AT THE SAME TIME. In other words it’s an entirely and completely integrative moment and reality.

The real problem with macro-economics is that it looks for an abstract answer when the best an abstract answer can give one is an incomplete one. Economists need to look directly at the day to day and moment to moment realities of commerce instead of abstractly and/or mathematically thinking ABOUT it. If they did they would be able to see the fact that the point of retail sale is the terminal end of the legitimate economic process because it is where production becomes consumption, and not coincidentally where all costs for every item and service are terminally summed. These insights and a couple of others regarding such point in the economy are what are referred to as stable datums in the midst of the flux and complexity of the rest of the economy. A stable datum if applied to an economic problem can dispel such flux and complexity and become the basis for powerful and effective policy. I suggest economists reflect upon these facts.

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