The Two Little Bitty Secrets That Will Undo All of Finance Capitalism’s Tyranny and Usher In Individual, Commercial and Systemic Freedom

They’re so elegantly simple, effective and beneficial that it’s mind blowing.

1)The point of retail sale is both the terminal summing point of all costs including profit, and also the terminal ending point for the entire legitimate economic/productive process.

2)The money, pricing and accounting systems are all digital, that is identical debits and credits sum to 0.

Hence a policy of a 50% discount at the point of retail sale immediately doubles everyone’s potential purchasing power, and if rebated back to the merchant granting it by a monetary authority  specifically mandated to do so makes that merchant whole on all of his overheads and profit margins.

Hence the systemic monetary austerity that has plagued capitalism for the last 100+ years is eliminated, as well as the individual monetary scarcity that has plagued it for even longer.

This single policy breaks up the curiously contradictory virtual monopoly on credit creation that the business model of private finance has enjoyed for centuries, and with which they have been able to skim tremendous profits from the system and forced tremendous unnecessary additional costs on every individual and every other business model as well.

This policy perfectly describes the new monetary and economic paradigm itself and that is its incredible power. It’s stated as Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

Pair the discount/rebate policy with a universal dividend of $1000/mo. to everyone 18 years of age and older and there is a long list of individual, commercial and systemic benefits that logically follow.

Retail sale is terminal expression point for all systemic price inflation, hence the discount/rebate policy not only eliminates any possibility of inflation, but painlessly and beneficially integrates “the impossible”, i.e. price deflation into profit making systems.

10% “pass On” discount/rebate policy at the point of every business model’s retail product sale. Eliminates any inter-systemic price inflation and integrates price competition painlessly and beneficially throughout the entire economic/productive process.

Taxation as encouragement of human and economic virtues and discouragement of human and economic vices.

Retailization and public administration of the business model of finance

Extension of the end of the economic/productive process to include publicly administered finance so that it can also benefit the individual via the retail discount/rebate policy

Transfer tax and income tax elimination for both the individual and enterprise, and the elimination of their respective governmental bureaucracies as well

Rejuvenation of both profit making systems and the emotional tone of western civilization from anger, obsessive contentiousness, enslavement, hopelessness and despair to individual, commercial and systemic freedom, hope, joy and a new ethic-zeitgeist of grace-graciousness from which the new monetary and economic paradigm is philosophically derived.

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