Putting Together The Insights…

…that retail sale is the terminal ending point of the entire legitimate economic process, the terminal summing point of all costs for every product or service in the economy and that double entry bookkeeping, the money system and the pricing system are all digital, that is, equal plus and minus entries sum to 0….enables a paradigm change in economics and changes the effects of monetary policy from indirect to direct, from inflationary to deflationary, from unstable to as stable as the temporal universe enables, from ineffective to effective, from illegitimate to legitimate, from individually and commercially enslaving  to individually, commercially and systemically freeing and from hopelessly and problematically privately administered to discerningly,  graciously and ethically publicly guided.

Paradigm changes are always marked by such inversions, transformations and great and stable progressions as well as new discoveries, insights and/or tools that enlighten.

The stable datum of retail sale is the rock upon which the complexity and seeming unresolvability of the problems of the current paradigm will dissipate and regenerate as the new paradigm thus making it the telescope and ellipse of economic theory.

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