We Know That….

…hyper-inflation rarely occurs, and that even when temporal circumstances (war, destruction of productive potential, very high indebtedness and the political and/or financial desire to end that indebtedness) are set up to have hyperinflation the only way it can actually occur is the central bank is compliant with speculators who leverage up and short the currency. Hence the only way to insure that hyperinflation will not occur is to have complete control of the central bank by the government and the government declare that any such speculative move on the currency will be considered “null and void”.

Of course there are obvious problems with money creation whether it is private or public so the only way to insure that the economy is stable and the money system serves the individual and commercial agents is to base the money system on an unimpeachable value like guaranteed freedom. As debt is inherently bondage and the economy is monetary in nature, that means that money administered in sufficient amounts and in such a way (directly to the individual and reciprocally back to enterprise) that it not only prevents the continuous build up of debt, but increasingly reduces the need for creation of new debt, is the answer.

And this is accomplished by the various policies, regulations, insights and structural changes of Wisdomics-Giftonomics and its paradigm of Monetary Gifting.

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