Human Consciousness and Systemic Economic Reality Are Analogous To and Reflect Each Other

In other words what is real in the present moment is what is true for both. If a person believes they are worthless their reality in every moment is that they are worthless and this belief will guide and enforce their activities, and if in every moment there is a scarcity of individual incomes in ratio to total costs and prices then there is a continual scarcity of individual incomes and all of the economic consequences thereof.

Furthermore, the purpose of human life and of economic activity at the point of retail sale are also analogous and reflective of each other  in that when one’s attention comes fully into  the moment they experience whatever is in present time as vibrantly real as opposed to at least once and abstractly removed, and retail sale is the purpose of the entire economic process, that is that production become consumption. In other words the most basic purpose of human life is to awaken to/become completely aware of one’s own beingness/self awareness and the most basic purpose of the economic process, i.e. production is consumption which occurs at the moment of retail sale.

Finally, full human consciousness is only present in the moment where no other consideration of other realities exists and can possibly distract or detract from it, and this realization is generally an incredible experience known as satori-kensho, samadhi, atonement or grace by the world’s major wisdom traditions, and retail sale/consumption is the satori-kensho etc. of economics.

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