The De-Financialization/Re-Retailization of The Economy So That It May Regain It’s Native Vibrancy, Tap Into A Rational Ecological Perspective and With Technological Innovation and AI Enable A Culture of Leisure That With The New Ethic-Zeitgeist of Grace Can Bring Humanity To A New Plateau of Cultural Wisdom

The business model of Finance has become an incredibly problematic cost increasing post retail sale phenomenon and so integratively parasitical that most of us, including most economists, believe it to be legitimately economic. Instead it is a life dominating, stability destroying and ethics disintegrating force that must become a public utility guided by the natural concept of grace and its many multi-dimensional and ethical aspects if the economy and western civilization is to survive. Failure to see this by continuing to attempt to reform, palliate or promote private profit making finance may be erudite, but in the end will be seen as erudite non-confront.

Finance is at the base of most of the rest of the attending socio-economic and political problems we face. It is like a giant and complex neurosis that beleaguers and blinds us with chronic stress, and that when fully recognized results in a huge life changing cognition and an equally large increase in consciousness that boosts confidence, hope for the future, opens us up to our native ability to feel compassionĀ  and a concomitant increase in our willingness and ability to actively express that compassion for others.

Making the economy retail again instead of dominated and manipulated by finance is the answer. This does not mean the end of finance of course, but it will become a publicly administered utility that no longer is infected by profit, power and dominance, but rather infused with the superlatively humane and benevolent ethic of grace that fits within and greatly frees the economy that ends at the point of retail sale with the new paradigm and policies of Monetary Gifting.


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