Posted To RWER Blog 03/03/2018

We’ve become unconsciously stuck in obsessive and contentious duality and are barely conscious of the thirdness-greater oneness that has always been the signature of wisdom, completeness, solutions, social harmony and graciousness. This applies to those stuck in political conflict theory as much as those unwilling to come off the dime of absolutist interpretations of the 2nd amendment and gun “control”. The nation and the world cries out for the integration of truths known as wisdom, but the polarized issues fall in a forest of the deaf, dumb, blind and unconscious.

We fall for demagogues and their erudite but insightless counselors who only know how to smash ideas together in hopes that some sketchy “fourth turning” will create renewal instead of chaos, and do not realize that fourth turnings are actually just the result of the failure or refusal to integrate the truths of opposing dualistic perspectives. The Martians and those who do not wish us well must be laughing.

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