Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum 02/25/2018

ML:  Yes, yes, on having our binding referendums. I have to admit I was originally in favor of UBI back in the days of the Clinton presidency, but given the behavior of the TBTF banks and Funds, it looks more like  a bandage to cover a rotten system.  There’s usually a reason for “First things first” at this stage.

Me:  The Swiss referendum process is a great democratic one that America should absolutely adopt.

The UBI/Universal Dividend policy is a good one and when paired with the retail discount/rebate would literally be the expression of the new monetary and economic paradigm. Social Crediters have valiantly held forth for them for almost 100 years now. Their only problem was they mistakenly thought the two policies should merely fill the gap to the point of economic equilibrium…which is temporally impossible and would still enable financial and commercial agents to game them (the two policies). What is necessary is to create what I refer to as “the higher disequilibrium” by inverting the social credit insight on the scarcity ratio of the rate of flow of total costs and so prices always tending to exceed the rate of flow of total individual incomes, thus making it an abundance rate of flow of individual incomes in ratio to costs/prices that effects not momentary equilibrium, but continual free flowingness.

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