The Cosmic Code: Relevant In Every Way

The Cosmic Code  [ (A  x  B)  <–>  G/C ]

is not only the formula of Wisdom and the experience of Grace. It is also the definition and formulation of logic, of process, of growth, of the natural/temporal universe and of consciousness itself. It is also the formula of human therapy as the duality is the definition of a conflict/personal problem (emotion x counter emotion) (thought x counter thought) (intention x  counter intention) and the thirdness greater flowing and integrated oneness is the result of consciousness resolving the conflict.

The Cosmic Code is reflected throughout nature, human logic and thought, the mental disciplines of both Science and Wisdom and again, of consciousness itself. It is a TOE, a theory of everything. It is the formula for conflict resolution…..whatever the conflict may be. It is the path toward rationality, fully ethical thinking. It is the formula for deciphering and integrating the entire existential truth of any matter.

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