Liberal and Conservative Reformers and Paradigm Perceivers

Almost everyone is well intentioned. Almost no one sees the third integrative alternative and so the paradigm change. Liberal reformers and conservative authoritarians are alike small minded and driven more by the psychology of domination and control associated with old/current paradigms than the self actualized emotions and freeing insights of new ones. This is not necessarily a put down, but it is an historically confirm-able fact.

Failure/refusal to actually look is the end of science and wisdom and the beginning of orthodoxy and all of the mental and emotional vices associated with it that humans are prone to. On a scale of epistemological understanding looking is right below knowing and knowing/knowingness is synonymous with self actualization/self knowledge.

Neither liberals nor conservatives have any substantial faith as in confidence, hope as in vision of the future, love as in passion for the Good and especially not grace as in love in action, for these most intimate reasons.

Paradigm perceivers are the loneliest people on the planet because they think and see in two directions at once, that is scientifically/reductionistic-ally and wisely/holistically/pattern-paradigmatic-ally and hence integratively  which mirrors and is the signature of  awareness of awareness i.e. self awareness. Being a perceiver of self awareness likewise mirrors the nature of the paradigm which is a single concept like Agriculture or Helio-centrism that simultaneously fits within, establishes and/or creates an entirely new pattern.

Let us look, let us see, let us know, let us love and then be gracious both individually and systemically which is love in action.


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