Retail Product, Money Creation and Zeitgeist

Every business model has a retail product, that is except Finance which is actually post retail sale and hence anti-economic. That is why Finance as in money creation itself must become a government/public utility. In a monetary economy like we have money is the essence of power, and after over 5000 years of the money creation power being problematic….it’s way past due for the paradigm change that is now necessary.

Now, government control of money creation must also obey the new paradigm in order to avoid its own problematic relationship with power. As the new paradigm is Monetary Gifting that means that there will be no charge for money’s creation or distribution. Government is not an economic institution and so monetary gain is not relevant. And as politics/government is about power which monetary or otherwise has always been problematic it must obey both the new monetary paradigm of Gifting as well as the new zeitgeist/ethic from which both the new monetary and governmental paradigms are derivatives namely Grace as in Benevolent power.

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