Wisdomics-Giftonomics: The Process of Perceiving Paradigms

Fully consciously conceiving and perceiving the wholeness, significance and comprehensiveness of the pattern that is a paradigm requires a mental discipline inclusive of but epistemologically larger than science. The reason for this? A paradigm is a new conscious realization within oneself. It’s not just a different idea alone, (novelty) a new slant on old ideas/the old paradigm (reform) a new organization of factors (theory) or even a new organization of ideas (philosophy). It is not just science applied, which routinely has become a mental discipline that not only does not include consciousness….but rejects it.

Thus it has become a stumbling block, not the otherwise useful tool that has enabled a great deal of temporal, but now only temporal progress….especially when in the present case in economics and money systems a new paradigm….the essential component of which is a new conscious personal realization….has become necessary.

Wisdom and its tools is the necessary mental discipline to remedy science’s shortcomings all the while including science’s tools as well. The insights of the world’s major wisdom traditions and their disciplines/techniques were the science and scientists of their day. An excellent example of this is the zen Buddhist tool of giving the new/overly glib novitiate a koan which is a question that the rational mind cannot resolve…..and yet intensively meditated upon often results in a new insight of wholeness, oneness/significance and comprehensiveness…in other words the definition and component parts of a paradigm…including personal consciousness.

Science since approximately the 14th century has increasingly dominated consciousness and set before us great productivity and insight into the physical universe only…..or so orthodox science assumes.

Science can once again become Wisdom and instead of being a stumbling block to it, enable paradigm perception at a time when it is absolutely necessary….for further progress. 

And this is the postulate and the various insights of Wisdomics-Giftonomics. 


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