Be Here Now

Once about 45 years ago, when I was working the “graveyard shift” as a security guard at the entrance of a campground in a tiny guard shack that measured about 4 feet by 5 feet, in my boredom I took a piece of yellow ledger paper and made a hash mark for every separate “thing” I could experience around me. By the time I stopped I had over 1250 hash marks. Thing is though, when I got to about 250 I started noticing that the space around me was becoming almost palpable. Also, I didn’t see anything quantitatively different than what I normally saw it, but qualitatively colors and sounds became so much more vibrant and distinct that it was remarkable. Eventually the thing that became the most remarkable was that my sense of self awareness itself became very, very real and a sense of serenity accompanied it. Even to this day I can sit and experience the palpability of space and the vibrancy of colors. Call it satori, grace, atonement or samadhi its an experience available to each human being if they look….to see.

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